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Creative Disturbance uses crowdsourcing to feature new, emerging or unusual ideas from interesting people internationally. This channel will initially run podcasts, in any language, from our friends and colleagues who made donations to the Creative Disturbance crowdfunding campaign.
In addition Creative Disturbance channel producers may invite any friend or colleague to post a podcast to the Voices of the Crowd. We will accept any podcast submitted with the recommendation of a producer. We will only exclude podcasts which violate legal restrictions concerning hate speech or libel or are unrelated to the goals of Creative Disturbance.

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The Technology Trap[ENG]

In this episode of Voices From the Crowd, our host Kyle Hamilton is joined by the Honorable Judge John McClellan Marshall, a pioneer in the field of cyberethics. In this conversation Judge Marshall outlines his concern that technological advancement is pushing our society towards a technology trap. Is the “steering wheel” being taken away from […]

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The Case For A Data Narrativist

Recorded on 10-04-2019

In this episode of Voices From the Crowd, our host Kyle Hamilton is joined by Judd Bradbury, a clinical professor with specializations in data visualization and analytics at the Naveen Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas. In this conversation, Professor Bradbury discusses his recent PhD dissertation where he highlights need […]

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