Frank Malina


Art, Engineering, and Science

Frank Malina was an astronautical pioneer who led the US team that launched the first human made object into space. He co founded and was the first director of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and co founder of Aerojet General Corporation. He served as deputy director for Science of UNESCO, He was a pioneering kinetic artist and founder of the Leonardo Journal.

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Frank Malina : Ideas about Art and Science and Art and Technology

Recorded on 09-02-2015

Artist and curator Ewen Chardronnet and Art Historian Fabrice Lapelletrie discuss the work of Frank Malina. They mention the importance of the work of Theremin, Wilfred and other artists interested in the connections between sound and images in the 20s and 30s. The role of the cultural imagination as a science driver is developed, as […]

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