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We are living in a world reaching a critical point, where the equilibrium between a healthy environment, the energy our society needs to maintain or improve this lifestyle, and the world’s interconnected economies, could pass more quickly than expected from the current complex balance to a completely new reality, where unbalance would be the rule and human beings would need to be as creative as never before to survive. Can the arts help to save the world?

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Introducing Balance-Unbalance

Recorded on 07-10-2018

In this first episode of Balance-Unbalance, we introduce the mission of Balance-Unbalance which is to go above spreading awareness, inducing responsibility to the people towards our lands, by engaging with committed professionals and artists. Bumpers by Hal Clark

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Transdisciplinary Collaboration Will Save Our Planet

Recorded on 19-04-2019

In a world where we can’t observe our individual impact on ecological concerns, how can we spread awareness, and induce behavioral change? How do we redesign a culture? This episode will introduce many topics such as the implication of artists in complex ecological situations, self-reflection towards carbon footprint and the impact of space exploration. Bumpers […]

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