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Ethics in the Fandom Community: A Conversation With Casey Fiesler

Recorded on 2019-04-30

Casey Fiesler is a social computing researcher who primarily studies governance in online communities, technology ethics, and fandom. She is a Senior Fellow in the Silicon Flatirons Institute for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, an ATLAS fellow, and holds a courtesy appointment in Computer Science. Also a public scholar, she is a frequent commentator and speaker […]

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Modernity and History in Hungarian Poetry: A Conversation with Zsuzsanna Ozsváth

Zsuzsanna Ozsváth is Director of the Holocaust Studies Program at UT Dallas. She has published a number of articles, dealing with aesthetic and ethical issues in French, German, and Hungarian literature as well as with the relationship between art and totalitarian ideology. Since the eighties, she has undertaken several translation projects and worked on various […]

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